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 I’ve been cleaning professionally for over ten years. I owned a Maid Service In Dallas Fort Worth, and closed it when we returned to Louisiana after my husband lost his job. Recently, my sister- Mimi told me I should just “go for it” and hire employees again.   On that day, via text message Mimi’s was born. I plan on changing your perception of what a Maid Service Should be.  Oftentimes, we pay a great deal for “just- so “ cleanings, and say we are not picky- but the truth is we are.  It’s expensive to hire a company, and have them not care or be unprofessional.   In addition, If you hire help, it should truly make your life better, not make it more challenging.  I have great references from long term happy clients, who can attest to how  life saving a  consistent cleaning can be.  Here’s a few references from long term, real clients- 

“Thank you for all you do, your professional expertise has gotten me through the past few months and for that I am grateful. 

Jackie - Arlington, Texas 

I have had an awful day today, but then I arrive to my Beautiful smelling home, as soon as I take a deep breath the world seems right and I smile.. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you.  You are amazing.. 

Katy and Clark- Fort Worth, Texas

Thank you so much!!! The house looks /feels/smells wonderful! 

Ashley- Baton Rouge, LA 

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